A card for a friend!


Just thought I would share a really nice vintage style card I chose for a friend recently. I loved it the moment I saw it.  I will say no more as the card speaks for itself!




The thoughtfulness of a handwritten letter or card!


A meaningful gent should always have a writing pen, writing paper (*I particularly like the Basildon Bond watermarked personal writing paper) and a writing table where he can sit to compose his thoughts of the day.

To write a letter to someone or to send a card seems to be quickly diminishing in this day where we resort to sending a message via our update technology which we now process.

One can articulate more clearly in what one is trying to express whether it is congratulating someone on an achievement or whether it is ending words of consolation on the death of someone dear and near.

To write to someone takes time and it requires the person to convey his or her thoughts in a meaningful way. It is an art in itself .   The person who receives the letter or card hold it very dear to them as they know the words which have been crafted onto paper have come from a very deep place.

So gentlemen purchase a writing pen specifically for this purpose, obtain some writing personal paper with nice embellishment and purchase a nice writing table for that specific purpose.

P.S The next time it is a special occasion of a partner, friend, colleague or a family member, try to search for a thoughtful card with a vintage style photo and  a nice sentimental message. Better again compose one yourself or simply find a quote of wisdom!


Thinking of growing a beard, well then why not?

Jamie Dornan is a guy and a true gent who is putting the beard back on the agenda for all gentlemen. On the recent Jonathan Ross Show he said ”I hate my face without a beard…. I look like a thumb.” He went on to explain how not having a beard makes him to appear younger.

The beard gives a gent a more sophisticated and a more mature appearance. It really gives a man more depth to his personality and to his style. If you are thinking of trying to grow a beard why not? Experiment , have fun and if it is a disaster you always have a razor near to hand as a well prepared gent has.

The most important thing is if you decide to take the plunge a grow a beard, ensure to nourish it well! If you want to go further and style it then I can highly recommend that you that you take a step back in time and visit the Waldorf barbershop in Westmoreland Street Dublin.

This is a traditional old style barbershop which is definitely an experience to be had! A variety of hair styles from the quiff to the classic slick back!


A Welcoming Note


Hi and you are very welcome to my blog entitled The Classic & Admirable Gent! This is my first ever blog and I am well I will admit relatively excited about this new venture which I have decided to undertake. It’s amazing what a walk along a lovely river and beholding beautiful autumn foliage can inspire you to do. Words of encouragement from a friend too has helped me to commence this blog.

This blog will involve a variety of different things and even though it’s entitled The Classic & Admirable gent it will be open to all readers and bloggers of course! I will blog on different and random ideas for a gentleman living today. Fashion, Music, entertainment and lifestyle with a focus on looking back at different decades and seeing how we can re-invigorate  in gentlemen the style and leisure which was encompassed in those times!

I am new to all of this so I hope as I commence this blog I will grow from strength to strength in blogging and I look forward to interacting too. Many thanks to one and all supporting me and as I said earlier you are most welcome!

*As I am based in Ireland I may refer to different stores/places here but that is not saying that when you are in Ireland you may just decide to pay a visit.